An excellent dog story and more

Of All Dog Stories, This Is An Excellent Dog Story, And More. It Is A Very Special Dog Story
– One That Can Be Appreciated By All!


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5 STARS... A Touching Story...
A touching true life story that was a wonderful read. David has a talent of reliving his experiences and putting them down in words. Sharing such an intimate part of his family life must have been a difficult endeavor to fulfill. The descriptive quality of his writing made me feel like I was on the banks of the Ohio River watching his every move. Many dog and pet owners will benefit by reading this meaningful story, gaining devotional love and care for their pets. A fantastic book.

5 STARS... A Very Good Read...
After reading this book I'd have to say it was a very good read. I really liked the fact that it was a true story about a man who was going through great adversities that a lot of us can relate to. Also this author uses great style in his story which brings his characters, and setting off the page. Between the humor and sensitive side it really balances for a good story. I could also relate to his relationship with his animals.

5 STARS... Great Style, Amazing Story...
When I read the description of this book, I thought it might be a depressing story. However, because I like dogs, I thought I would give it a shot anyway and I bought it, and I'm glad I did. The author uses great style in his writing which brings his amazing story, characters, and setting alive. He uses a combination of humor and sentimentality to accomplish this. Although I am not faced with any great adversities in my life, there were many other things in the book I could relate to. This book kept my attention, and certainly made me appreciate what I have. I think everyone should read it for that reason. I could see how the story could be of help and support for someone going through similar things that the author did.

5 STARS... It Really Hit Home For Me, Thank You...
This autobiography is very interesting because it really hit home for me. I have been dealing with very similiar situations and this story made me feel like I was not alone. It also helps one deal with deep emotions & appreciate what you have rather than what you don't have. Thank you!

5 STARS... Showed Renewed Love In Hard Times...
The story kept my interest because it was funny, sad, hopeful and showed renewed love in hard times. Even though you are going through hard times you can get through it if you have good people love and hope.

5 STARS... I Had To Have My Own Copy...
I borrowed the book from a friend, and after reading it I had to have my own copy. I thought this book was very interesting, it was funny yet sad. I think this book keeps your attention. The book makes people appreciate what they have, and to think twice before taking things for granted. The saying "a dog is mans best friend" is so true.

5 STARS... Dramatic, Uplifting...
This autobiography was a very dramatic but uplifting book. A book that people could relate to and benefit from. I recommend this loving story to all. After reading this book you can appreciate what you have in life.

5 STARS... Excellent Read...
I thought this book was written with heart and very good, for anyone who has ever known the love and loyality of a dog.


Dog Gone Days book coversDog Gone Days

"A Dog Story And More"

Upbeat and entertaining...

A true dog story that seizes the human spirit!

A witty and humorous yet sentimental story of a man in physical chronic pain and his time spent with his wife's two chihuahua dogs.

In his autobiographical account, the author, a chronic pain sufferer who relocated from a large city to a small country town, and reluctantly spent much time apart from his wife, comes to learn, through the dogs' "guidance and demands," and their idiosyncrasies, new meaning in his life: appreciation for his wife and his family, the beauty of nature, and purpose for his current adversities and those that lie ahead.

In this very descriptive story of wit, humor, and sensitivity, the author uses the tale of his dogs to represent and convey deeper emotions such as the appreciation of life and nature when they become threatened in his personal life.

For all dog and animal lovers, and chronic pain sufferers, it is a brilliant book that should not be missed! A chronicle of redemption; one of true love, forgiveness, purpose, and an appreciation for all things great and small.

This book will surely find a place among the best dog stories ever written!






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